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About Chuva

Pleased to meet you. We are friends since our International Business & Languages studies. After getting our diplomas we broadened our interests and experiences. Fleur in the field of Marketing and Noni in the field of Fashion. Because we both have an entrepreneurial mind, we kept on dreaming about having our own business one day. So we have put together our strengths and kept on brainstorming on that one unique idea. We would like to tell you more about that.

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The idea was born on a rainy day when we were sitting in a cosy restaurant in Rotterdam. We looked outside and saw loads of wet people passing by, sometimes wearing boring, green or grey rainsuits. All these people; walking by, on their bikes, in the tram or even by car needed a nice, colorful and fashionable raincoat. So they could wear it on their way to work, school, job interviews, on a date or while shopping. Rainwear for which you do not need to be ashamed, but which keeps you dry until you have reached your destination. A water-repellent, breathing and trendy raincoat…. A Chuva raincoat. And that’s when the idea was born! Everyone, including you, thanks. You have been and will be an inspiration for Chuva Rainstyle. We’ll do our best to keep surprising you with our Rainstyle fastion.
Chuva means ‘rain’ in the Portuguese/Brazilian language and rain has of course everything to do with our products. We chose this name because the Brazilian culture stands for happiness and colorfulness. This is exactly what we would like to represent through our coats, so we can cheer up the Dutch rainy streets. We added ‘Rainstyle’ to our Chuva name, to make clear it is about rainwear and everything that you need to create your own ‘Rainstyle’.
We would like to aim at women first. We hope that our products appeal to women who know what they want and have feeling with fashion and originality. We would like to extend our line of coats later on with rain-accessories as rain hats, saddle covers, wellies and umbrellas. In the future we would like to aim at men and children too. But because we are a young company in the start-up phase, we would like to do everything step by step and present you our very first collection of raincoats for women. Noni and Fleur wish you a safe journey and a dry arrival!