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Product info

The Chuva raincoats are made of fabrics which are selected with great care. These fabrics are of a high quality and all of them are wind and water repellent. However during production of the raincoats the fabrics are sewn in order to compose the coat. This might cause water coming through the seam during heavy rainfall. But during average rainfall the coats are definitely water-repellent. Because the fabrics are partially elastic, they are breathing too. Not only do we test them to be water-repellent by standing under the shower, we as Chuva Rainstyle designers test them while making long cycle-tours through the rain as well.

The usually boring and not flattering raincoats that are in market now, are completely different from ours, since our raincoats are really fashionable. They are designed in the shape of a trench coat, which is, because of the combination of fabrics and colors, both cool and feminine!
Besides the quality of our fabrics it is important to be distinctive too. That’s why Chuva is always trying to add an unique detail to the coats (e.g. colored bias band, a flashy cord end, kinky lining etc.). On top, there is only a limited amount of jackets that is produced for every model. So chances are small you run into someone with the same jacket!